Havasu falls sometimes known as ‘Havasupai Falls’ is located in the Supai Village inside the Grand Canyon of Northern Arizona.


The waterfalls are beautifully coloured as the waterfall is turquoise and reflects the sun for amazing effect.


To get to the Havasu Falls you will be have to be prepared to walk a good 8 kilometres through the Grand Canyon, the location is very secret and not well known to the world, going there would make you one of the few people of the world to experience this natural beauty.


The Havasu Creek arises from a spring and the water the spring contains is over 30,000 years old!!


There are several waterfalls that stream for over a mile with up to 50 feet drops, lots of daring people actually jump off the top of the falls as the water below is extremely deep (up to 20 feet) making the landing far safer.


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