I don’t know where to start with this awesome creature, isn’t it just the cutest thing you have ever seen though?!


So at first sight I was debating whether it was a cat, raccoon or a fox… but it is in fact the marvellous Red Panda!


Red Pandas known to the native country China as the ‘Shining Cat’ are a species of panda which live in the forests. They either burrow or use trees as their homes – they use these areas to be hidden from predators which is unfortunately… Poachers.


The Red Panda is omnivorous but it mainly eats bamboo as it is easy to locate and they find it very tasty!


Be careful giving one of these little guys a hug because they will not let go! Their fingers and thumbs are very strong and the Red Panda has immense grip!


It takes 90 days for a baby Red Panda to venture into the big wide world, until then, they stay with their parents for protection.


Unfortunately, due to hunting there are only around 10,000 wild Red pandas left. However, this has increased since March 2005 where there were only 3000. Thankfully global efforts from charities and sanctuaries their population is growing again.


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