Number 23 on my list is probably one of the more beautiful locations I will talk about – Plitvice Lakes.


Plitvice Lakes national park is in Karlovac county, Croatia. The National Park is one of the oldest in south-east Europe.


Plitvice National Park is very well known for the beautiful cliffs that form waterfalls of all shapes and sizes across the area.


The National Park is just over 295 square kilometres. Each year there are over 1 million recorded visitors and it costs just 24 euros for an adult in peak season (Summer).


There are many lakes to explore and walkways which you can travel around to see them. There is a certain walkway which you can see nearly all of the waterfalls!


The National Park has a lot of different animals and wildlife to admire. The site has the rare European brown bear, wolves, eagles, owls, lynx’s, wild cats and wild capercaillies that can be found there along with a lot of other species.

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The Plitvice National Park is truly beautiful and I would recommend adding this to your bucket list as you really have a slim chance of finding somewhere on the same level of beauty as the Plitvice Lakes.


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