You might be asking yourself ‘What is the Pink Fairy?’ well, I was asking myself the same question when I saw this awesome little creature!


The Pink Fairy is actually an armadillo! Many people mistake this armoured fluffy creature to be a species of rabbit because of the way it looks.


It is the smallest species of armadillo that we know of, on average it is only 10cm long! It is mainly found in the warmer areas of Argentina on sand dunes or scrubby grasslands.


They are so strange that on they are described as ‘A rabbit wearing a shield, with alien paws’ which is actually pretty accurate!


These creatures usually dig holes during the day and sleep until the night and surface to find food (mainly ants).


This armadillo has fur because being nocturnal they only stray into the desert at night, in the desert night time is very cold.


When the armadillo is attacked, it curls up into a ball and lets his shielded back defend them! Most of the time this works but if larger creatures decide to attack, the alien rabbit will unfortunately, be eaten.


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