The Tanuki, mainly known as the ‘Raccoon Dog’ or ‘Giant Raccoon’ is a species of dog, but lives a more Raccoon-like lifestyle.


They are very similar looking to a normal Raccoon but are much larger in size. It is indeed a dog but these awesome animals actually climb trees and have behaviours that do indeed resemble the Racoon.


Ancient Japan believed that the Tanuki could shapeshift into different animals and were much smarter than humans. The legend says an Emperor of Japan was walking through a forest when he saw something rather spectacular – A human-like figure turning into a Tanuki.


The Tanuki is definitely one of the more mysterious and fascinating animals on this list as they have so much history and a very interesting theory as to what they actually are.


Aside from the legends and the myths – Aren’t they just the cutest animal you have ever seen?!


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