Belize Sinkhole commonly known as the ‘Great Blue Hole’ is a scuba diver’s paradise. Whether you are going to scuba dive or just sightsee the sinkhole, it is a perfect place to visit and it is unique – you will never see anything else like it!


43 miles away from the mainland and Belize City, the sinkhole is very far out to sea and you must catch a boat to get there. It is circular in shape and the hole is 300 metres from one side to the other. The Great Blue Hole is 108 metres deep and is still getting deeper!


It was formed because the land had experienced several episodes of quaternary glaciation when the sea levels were a lot lower. The hole started forming 153,000 years ago and the most recent quaternary glaciation episode was just 15,000 years ago.


The sinkhole wasn’t always filled with water, the sinkhole filled with water when the sea levels had risen and filled it up. The hole was made famous by Jacques Cousteau in 1971 who labelled the site as one of the top 10 scuba diving locations in the world.



The water is crystal clear, very deep and this attracts scuba divers to dive down and explore the depths. The hole does have a lot of sharks inside including the Caribbean reef shark,  bull shark and hammerheads. You can also take this opportunity to spot the rare Midnight Parrotfish and sting rays. The hole requires you to have 24 dives logged as it is an advanced dive, it is not considered a ‘colourful’ dive but you will witness a dark caves with awesome Stalactites inside.


You can even skydive into the Great Blue Hole… YES SKYDIVE!! You can book it here if you are thinking about visiting the area.


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