The ‘Blobfish’ apart from my brother this is probably the ugliest creature I have come across. But there really are some cool facts about the Blobfish that are truly remarkable.


The Blobfish is found in the deep-sea fish which are commonly found in the waters of Australia and New Zealand. The chance of coming across one of these is slim as they are usually found 1200 metres deep which has 60-120 times more pressure than the sea level.


Anyone who has seen a picture of a Blobfish will just know that they look like well… a blob with a face. The awesome thing about this is the fact it only looks like this when it is outside of the water, this happens because the gelatinous mass of skin the Blobfish has a very low density, even a lower density than water! So when it is taken out of the water it has the blobby, slimy appearance that everyone is so used to seeing.


When the blobfish enters the water in the deep-sea, it looks very different and… normal!


The Blobfish eats by floating above the sea floor and opening its mouth and gobbling up any poor little creatures that decide to journey into the Blobfishes mouth!



Thank you for reading the post, the Blobfish surprised me and I am fascinated that they look a lot different in the water! If you would like to see more like this, you can like our facebook page or follow the blog in the sidebar.

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