Aogashima is a truly remarkable island located in the Philippine sea but is part of Japan. Aogashima is not just an island but it is in the shape of a large crater, in the middle of the crater is a volcano called ‘Aogashima Volcano’.


The island is approximately 8.75 km2 and 3.5km from one side to the other.


The island in considered part of Tokyo in Japan but it is 222 miles away from the large city. Although it is a volcano and the idea of living in a crater next to it is daunting, there are many inhabitants here and it is the most inhabited island in the Izu archipelago. The population of 170 people (as of 2014) are counted as part of Tokyo and Aogashima is also within the boundaries of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park.


The amount of humans to live here in the past is uncertain but records show there was 372 people living here in 1785 but unfortunately they didn’t survive the massive wave of violent eruptions in the following year.


One of the most fascinating facts about Aogashima is that because of the crater like formation, the island actually forms a natural planetarium, this is because you cant see see anything else outside of the island when inside the crater and you can just see the sky, the picture below shows how beautiful this is.


The island is truly beautiful and below I will post a small slideshow of some of the sights you can see when visiting.

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