The Panda Ant, the insect that looks so much like a panda, it was named after one! Although the creatures name is the ‘Panda Ant’ it is not an ant at all, its closest relatives are wasps and the females can’t even fly! The fact the females can’t fly is probably why it is more considered to look like an ant than anything else.


Yes yes they are very cute looking creatures but let me assure you.. they are not cute! Their sting is so powerful that they are known in their homeland (Chile) as a ‘Cow Killer’ or a ‘Cow Ant’. The Panda Ant’s sting is so deadly that it can indeed knock out a cow and other animals of the same size, yes also humans!! This is an astonishing fact because they are only 2 -3 millimetres tall and under 8 millimetres in length.


Although they are very small they are one of the toughest creatures of their size and find it easy to go into another insects nest and gather food without having to worry! Below is a picture of a panda ant bite..


Males are nocturnal and females do most of the work during the day. Panda Ants are very romantic, they wait for the sunset to mate with each other! The main reason for this is the fact that this is one of the only times males and females are together because of the males nocturnal habits.

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