Known to the locals as ‘The Lake of Dreams’ General Carrera Lake is a beautiful destination to visit, definitely worthy of my top 30 list and you will see why…


The Lake is shared between Chile and Argentina but is more considered Argentina’s territory. The lake has a surface of 1,850 km² of which 970 km² are in Chile, and 880 km² in Argentina, making it the biggest lake in Chile, and the fourth largest in Argentina. In its western basin, Lake Gen. Carrera has 586m maximum depth.


So the lake is vast, beautiful and to make it even better, the Lake of Dreams is situated between the Andes mountain range which enhances the view to the next level. But the nearby Hudson Volcano was recently active! So keep your wits about you!


Carrera lake has some interesting history. Europeans found and inhabited the lake in 1900 and began to grow crops, farm sheep and create a small village there, unfortunately the volcano last erupted in 1991 which destroyed a lot of the crops and taken the lives of many sheep! So most inhabitants decided to move away from the area at that point.


When you visit the ‘Lake of Dreams’ there are plenty of things to do! You can even cross the border of Argentina/Chile with your car on the ferry and explore both countries when you feel like it! (If you have a passport handy).


For all the interested fisherman and women out there, the lake is very popular for Trout and Salmon fishing.


In the middle of the lake there is a small, icy island which is called ‘The Marble Caves’ which has been created by the flow of the waves for over 6200 years! You can explore the many caves, caverns and tunnels this island has formed, just don’t get lost! The cave has very clean, pure water and is considered the place with the ‘Purest water in South America’. This may be why the cave is actually a Chapel! Because of the purity and beauty of the naturally created structure.

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