Named after its front legs being the shape of a prayer, The Praying Mantis, I’m not sure about you but this is one of the most intimidating looking animals I have seen. They have a sense of mysteriousness about them that I just cannot ignore, I decided do some research and well… they are fascinating!


There is over 2400 species of Mantis as they are all unique, but very similar looking! (If that makes sense). They mainly live in the tropics of Spain, France, North America and most commonly found in the tropics of South America, Africa and Asia.


Praying Mantis’ are very aware of their surroundings, with the ability to stay completely still and turn their heads a full 180 degrees, this makes it very easy for mantis’ to spot predators and prey. But they only have one ear which can get them into some trouble when a predator sneaks from behind.


One of the closest relatives of a Praying Mantis is the Cockroach and evolved from the same ancestors, it was only the different environments that changed the way the two creatures evolved in different ways.


When a male and female mantis mate, just over 30% of the time the female will eat the male… and not always after mating! The female will eat the males head during mating because the quality of the mating is better, when he has no head! Don’t ask me why because I don’t know!


The Praying Mantis use their specialized front legs to capture their prey, If a flying insect anything up to the size of a bee lands near it, you can be 100% sure their days are numbered! The praying mantis’ front legs move at a lightning quick pace capturing the pray in a stunning 0.36 seconds.

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