The Thorny Dragon, almost sounds mythical, right? Wrong! This spectacular creature is real and still alive in our world today!


The Thorny Dragon has a few different names, it can be called the Thorny Devil, The Moloch and more interestingly The Mountain Devil, it acquired this name because Its scientific name has been inspired by a horrible king called Moloch who smeared with the blood of human sacrifice.


The devil grows up to about 20cm long (7.9in) and it can live for up to 20 years! They are usually camouflaged with different shades of desert brown and tan; these colours turn lighter when the temperature is high to reflect sunlight and darker when it is cold to absorb heat from the sun.


Thorny dragons are almost completely covered in conical spines which are used to look more intimidating to predators. They can also create a ‘false head’ on the back of their necks which makes predators think this is their real head, so they will bite that instead of its real head… Awesome!!


A Thorny dragon will eat anywhere between 800 – 1000 ants each day, to hunt they usually disguise themselves near an ant’s nest, they push tiny rocks and dirt into the nest to lure them out, then… eats as much of them as they can! To catch water a thorny dragon has rivets between the spines on its back and waits for the rain, then it will trickle down their body into their mouth they can then, drink the water.


To defend itself from predators, the thorny dragon will allow the predator to try and eat it and the predator will soon find out that it has spikes all over its back, then ofcourse, spit it out so the thorny dragon can run away.


This creature surely is amazing and it has so many cool features that I really couldn’t miss it off my top 30 list.

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