A Giant Tortoise, something people often hear about but rarely ever get to see. With an average weight of 417kg and a length of 4ft, they are certainly going to be named number 29 on this list and you will see why.

It is very impressive about their size, but how did they come to be this big compared to their mainland relatives? They are isolated on the Galapagos islands so they are extremely protected from predators and other dangers that the smaller mainland tortoise may face. Have less predators and dangers to worry about has made evolution for them progress a lot faster hence why they are much larger.


Not only are they humungous, most Giant Tortoises live for at least 100 years! The oldest Giant Tortoise ever was found in India and it was 250 years old! The giants date back 70 – 80 million years ago, that is 400x as long as the very first human! It really puts things into perspective – we really haven’t been here long when you look at the amount of time the Giant Tortoise has been around.


Giant Tortoises can go without eating or drinking for over a year! This is because they don’t use a lot of energy because they move slowly and they can store food and drink so well! Although they are very big and it really seems like they would eat anything, Giant Tortoises are actually very picky when it comes to food – They only like to eat the ‘Giant Prickly Cactus’ plants but if they are desperate they will eat grass… Wouldn’t like one of these fussy eaters in my restaurant that’s for sure.


Giant Tortoises have a very relaxed life. During the day, they will stay still on a tropical beach soaking up the sun (Maybe with a few cocktails) and when the sun goes down, they submerge themselves into some mud or sand and sleep… then rinse and repeat! Oh, what I would do to be a Giant Tortoise!


However, whatever you do… DO NOT INTERRUPT THEIR MATING!!!!!

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