For number 30 on the Most beautiful place in the world list is ­­‘The Blue Lagoon’ in Iceland.

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The Blue Lagoon is located in Grindavik, Iceland. The area is known as the ‘Blue Lagoon’ because of its vibrant blue coloured water which is situated in a lava field within the hills of Iceland. The water has the beautiful cyan glow because it is rich with silica which reflects the colour from the sun.


The Blue Lagoon is more than just a pretty sight. You can actually venture into the lagoons waters, which is very well known for being a natural spa! The lagoon is a hot spring which has over 9 million litres of mineral rich geothermal water originating from 2000 metres below the earth’s surface! The relaxing water reaches temperatures from 37-40°C (98-104°F) which is especially satisfying after being in the infamously cold Icelandic air.


The water is 0.8-1.2 metres deep and its deepest point is 1.6 meters so it is fairly shallow but just enough depth to enrich your body with the skin nourishing, relaxing, 40°C water. One thing to not would be – Children must be the age of 9 or over to enter the water.


Worried about visiting the Blue Lagoon because the water could be dirty after all of the tourists using it? Well don’t be! The water is self-cleansing and renews itself every 40 hours because of the high temperatures and the bacteria defying minerals in the water!


If you go between September and March, you have a very high chance of catching the Northern Lights above you! Being one of the only places in the world you can see this beautiful array of lights definitely adds an extra motivation to visit the lagoon.

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When in the waters, you are allowed to take refreshments into them, with a high selection of juices and soft drinks for the youngsters and fine wines, cocktails and beers for the adults, you can relax yourself without getting dehydrated from the heat of the water.

You can view the menu here!

The Blue Lagoon has many tourist facilities and staying here doesn’t exactly break the bank either, with prices starting as low as £40.40 for a day entrance in the winter it becomes a no brainer to experience the delights of The Blue Lagoon. The more expensive part would be hotels near the area – but surprisingly for a standard room nearby you can bag yourself a price of just £53 per night! So including your flight (From the UK), hotel room and entrance fees, you are looking at around £300 per person if you are staying for 3-4 nights! No brainer really!


The Blue Lagoon is a wonderful place to visit, there really is no words to describe how beautiful the area looks and how the steamy, mineral rich, revitalising water feels after being in the cold air of Iceland. I would recommend this visit to anyone as it is a once in a lifetime experience and no hot springs in the world match up to the sheer brilliance of The Blue Lagoon.


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